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Don't underestimate the power of security. A burglary at a business or in a residential community can change the way the public views that establishment. They may wonder if it's a good idea to make withdrawals at your bank or whether it's safe to live in that new neighborhood.

Provide a sense of security to your residents, employees and clients with the help of GRIDS Security Services LLC. Our team of Columbia, SC officers can provide armed or unarmed security, including patrols for added protection. We offer business security and residential security solutions.

Contact us at 803-622-0453 to learn more about our security and surveillance services.

3 reasons to hire security

3 reasons to hire security

Don't leave the safety of your property to chance. Here are a few reasons to hire security for your site or property:

  1. Protect a construction or development project from theft and intrusions
  2. Give the members of your residential community a sense of security
  3. Secure your business and the property and people within it
You can reach us at 803-622-0453 to schedule an on-site estimate for video surveillance service.

Work with experienced security professionals in Columbia, SC

GRIDS Security Services LLC is a certified minority-owned business located in Columbia, SC. We've been in operation for over eight years, providing security services to businesses, government initiatives, residential complexes and construction projects in the area. We work with a team of 10 to 20 offers to provide the protection you need. When you call us, we'll set up a time to assess your property and determine the scope of your job. If we can't handle the task, we'll refer you to a company we can trust to get the job done.

Choose GRIDS Security Services LLC to protect your business, residential complex or construction site.

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